President Message

Kaho Oishi
Message from Chef Director

 Upon its establishment on October 2010, this association has contributed to the medical, cosmetic and welfare of Japan by having our research for the persons who receive welfare services, such as elderly, suffering from dementia, handicapped, or diseased be recognized as an effective caretaking tool, with proven medical and social benefits.
 Through our activities and research, we have found that cosmetics certainly had medical benefits. Furthermore, from an academic research pertaining to the medical field, we believe it necessary to scientifically understand the treatment benefits of cosmetics. For this purpose, we have established “The Japanese Society of Cosmetic Medicine” in December 5th, 2018, inviting several prominent doctors from various medical fields as the directors. We also held a major founding commemoration event on February 23rd.
 It is our great pleasure for establishing “The Japanese Society of Cosmetic Medicine” as a part of this association’s activities.

 From here on forth, in addition to promoting this society and the international accreditation of “Cosmetic therapists” and “Cosmetic Therapy Medical Specialist,” we want to support the CAREMAKE ASSOCIATION transition into a Public Interest Incorporated Association from a general incorporated association, and take part in a global activity to contribute back to society.
 We look forward to continue working with you in the future.
                          April 1st, 2019